The Shake It Off hitmaker was sitting in her dressing room in a robe following her performance at Minute Maid Park when the sirens went off and an evacuation order was issued.

Swift took a video of the incident, focusing on her anxious face as she looks around the room concerned about what to do, and a voice, thought to be the singer's mother Andrea, can be heard offscreen saying, "I would put some clothes on darling... I'm not joking... Put some clothes on... Put some damn clothes on!"

Swift says, "I have clothes on, I have a robe on," while the voice argues, "You don't have..." and the singer replies, "This is clothes. I'm covered."

In the caption, she writes, "A fire alarm is going off in the stadium and we don't know what to do" and she later added to fans, "Update: No fire. Still in my robe."

Earlier that evening, Swift brought out rapper Wiz Khalifa as a surprise guest and the pair sung his hit See You Again.