Taylor Swift's cat gets ''mad'' when the singer leaves her.

The 'I Knew You Were Trouble' hitmaker loves returning to her home comforts in Nashville after being on tour or away for work, but she admits her beloved feline friend Meredith isn't that happy to see her at first.

Taylor said: ''Nashville is home, it's amazing because my parents are here so I miss them when I'm not around and there's nothing like coming home and being in your own apartment, going to your mom's house, my cat's here, stuff like that.

''The cat's called Meredith, she's more mad, every time I leave for two days I come home and she kind of does a meow version of screaming at me.''

And Meredith has grown to recognise the signs her famous owner is about to leave and does her best to stop her.

The 23-year-old musician - who was in the UK last week to perform on 'The X Factor' - said in a radio interview: ''Does she go to sleep on my suitcase? Yes, I think that's a universal cat thing.''

Taylor's cat is also fussy about her owner's friends, but the moody moggie did take a shine to Ed Sheeran - who supported her on tour.

Ed recently revealed: ''We get along. Meredith won't hang out with the dancers but she'll come and hang out with me.''