Taylor Swift has been in the news for plenty of reasons recently, none of which she’d be happy with. So finally some news about her job, which is to entertain people, and her Newark show certainly did that.

Skin-tight white lace top and leather hot pants was just one of ten outfits donned by the country-pop giant, who also broke out her sparkly red guitar to thrash out some notes on. “I write about my feelings. I’m told I have a lot of feelings,” she said with a smile, addressing the crowd. “The 13,000 of you opted into hearing about my feelings for the next two hours.” And in a video played behind her – an intro to The Lucky One – Swift took a jab at the media. “They don’t tell you what the papers are going to say about you. They’re building you up just to knock you down. But they haven’t yet,” she said, before hurtling into the tune.

The New York Times, in particular, were impressed with her performance. Their review said: “Ms. Swift’s voice is stronger than it’s ever been, and also sturdier; the vocal slips of old are all but gone. Over the course of the show, she played electric guitar, acoustic guitar, 12-string guitar, banjo, piano, and a big floor tom.” A techie gaff renders her support slot, Ed Sheeran rather shocked, but he appeared to be the only flaw on an otherwise brilliant night for Swift.

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