Taylor Swift has paid $17.75 million IN CASH for a beachfront mansion in Rhode Island. The 23-year-old was spotted viewing the 16-bedroom property with her mother Andrea, father Scott and younger brother Austin and was clearly impressed with the swanky property, according to TMZ.com.

Obviously a shrewd negotiator, Taylor managed to take $6 million off the original asking price of $24 million, paying for her new investment in a single cash payment. Which is mental. So what does the country-pop sensation get for her money?

Well, the new 11,000 sq ft home in the seaside village of Watch Hill boasts eight bedrooms, a swimming pool, a gym, views of the sea and beach, eight fireplaces and around 10 bathrooms. The singer clearly has a decent financial advisor, given that she's been snapping up investable property all over the country. Her new Rhode Island home is the latest addition to her ever growing portfolio, which also includes a home in Beverly Hills and a penthouse and gated mansion in Nashville, where her parents live.

Of course, we shouldn't be particularly surprised that Swift has paid $17 million for a mansion, given that Forbes estimate her wealth at over $165 million. She has sold 26 million albums and 75 million digital downloads worldwide. Those figures should climb considerably over the next five years or so.

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