Hello, if you’re not a Taylor Swift fan, we apologize in advance for the next couple months. Everyone else, THIS IS NOT A DRILL. There is a new T Swift album coming in soon and it’s called 1989 (that’s Taylor’s birth year, in case you didn’t notice.) The Red singer/songwriter/voice for broken hearts the world over made the announcement during her Yahoo! livestream on the 18th. AND she unveiled the cover. AND the first single. This is too much to handle now. If at any point you feel like getting a paper bag to breathe in, be my guest.

Taylor Swift, The Giver Premiere
Let the fangirling (and fanboying) commence in 3... 2... 1...

Swifty explained that she had been working on the new album for the past two years (so basically since Red came out?) and that it carries a strong 80s theme. That’s in case you couldn’t guess from the title or cover art. Said cover art features a grainy, cut of Polaroid of Taylor, wearing an oversized jumper, with the T. S. 1989 scribbled on the bottom.

Also, that new song? It’s called Shake It Off and it’s SO. CATCHY. Basically, prepare for your friends to shun your presence, because you won’t be able to stop singing this thing after you hear it (which you can do here).

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And the haters gonna hate hate hate hate hate/Players gonna play play play play plaaaay. The video is also extra adorable, and features Taylor flailing around in pretty clothes (as per usual), as background dancers around her demonstrate the proper way to do it.

T-Swizzle said she drew inspiration from the late '80s and has been working on her latest project for the past two years. Taylor explained that this is a new sound for her, and her favorite album yet.

"We've made my favorite album I've ever made," she told the crowd.


And now the part you really wanted to know – you can already preorder the album and it will be out in full on October 27. Excuse me, I need to fangirl now.

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