Less than twenty four hours after scooping an incredible eight trophies at the Billboard Music Awards at the weekend, Taylor Swift has been bestowed with yet another honour. She’s been named number one in Maxim magazine’s annual Hot 100 list, it was revealed on Monday.

The 25 year old country-turned-pop star, whose current album 1989 has sold in excess of 4.6 million copies in just over six months, topped the publication’s list of the most influential actresses, singers and female models.

Taylor SwiftTaylor Swift at the Billboard Music Awards

In an interview with Maxim, Swift said “It's really nice and such an incredible compliment. This year has been my favorite year of my life so far. I got to make an album exactly the way I wanted to make it. I got to put it out exactly the way that I dreamed of putting it out. Every one of these kinds of whims and ideas came to fruition.”

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At Sunday night’s Billboard ceremony, she also gave a premiere to the music video for 1989’s fourth single ‘Bad Blood’, which features an all-star cast of her female friends (plus Kendrick Lamar). About her videos, she said “I'm proud of those, I'm proud of the tour, I'm proud of the way this has all happened. In the midst of all that, this is really nice. It really feels like a wonderful celebration of my favorite year.”

Swift also talked about her feelings about feminism, a subject on which she has become increasingly supportive and outspoken over the last few months. “I think that when I used to say, 'Oh, feminism's not really on my radar,' it was because when I was just seen as a kid, I wasn't as threatening. I didn't see myself being held back until I was a woman.”

About feminism and the perception of women in music: “A man writing about his feelings from a vulnerable place is brave; a woman writing about her feelings from a vulnerable place is oversharing or whining,” she said bluntly. “Misogyny is ingrained in people from the time they are born. So to me, feminism is probably the most important movement that you could embrace, because it's just basically another word for equality.”

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