Taylor Swift has apparently been scaring the life out of Harry Styles, by talking almost non-stop about babies and becoming a mother with him, according to a source close to the country star.

According to OK! Magazine, Swift, who has only just turned 23, is more than aware of her biological clock ticking away and as such she is beginning to wonder when her time will come to spring a youngster from her loins. According to the source: "Taylor loves babies [and] would like to have a child of her own while she's still in her 20s."

Apparently, the reason Taylor's last relationship, to Conor Kennedy, went sour was because of the same brooding feelings and now she's projecting these feelings on Harry too it seems. Yikes! Prior to going out with Taylor, Harry was renowned for being something of a ladies man and shy when it came to relationships, so we can't imagine how he'll react to the notions of having a child with his girlfriend of just three months.

"There's no way he's even remotely interested in having a baby," the source continued. "He's a good ten years away from something like that."

So could one of Tinseltown's most promising couples be heading for the rocks already, or is this story nothing but rubbish? You be the judge.