Cool it with the rumors, people – as much as we’d love to imagine their six-foot-tall ginger progeny, Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran are just friends, who happen to work really well together. After their recent collaboration on Swift’s RED album and the pair hanging out together in a London hotel room on February 19th, the tabloids were eager to name the English singer-songwriter as Taylor’s newest love interest. And it’s obvious that the two really will be making some beautiful music together – only in the strictly literal sense though.

Sheeran was quick to put down any romance rumours during an interview with New Zealand broadcaster TVNZ, saying: "I did stay there 'til four and I did leave in the same clothes," he reveals. "But I was playing her my new record. It was strictly that kind of thing, literally, I went in there and we passed the guitar back and forth and played songs to each other." Sheeran also talked about the surprise of being romantically linked to his friend and fellow performer: The thing that impressed me with the media is that because they wrote about it, my mates believed it. And my mates are texting me being like, 'Is it true?" Sheeran said in the interview. "So I said it wasn't but the fact that people can believe it makes me feel like a bit of a stud, you know?"

So, in summation: yes, Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift are making music together. No, the two aren’t dating. Don’t trust everything you read online, kids. 

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift... the country music star isn't dating Ed Sheeran, according to the British singer

Ed SheeranEd Sheeran - felt like a stud when he was associated with Taylor Swift in the press