Taylor Swift is now the spokesperson for Diet Coke and to usher in this new business collaboration, the soft drink juggernauts have released the first of what is to be many ad-campaigns featuring the country-pop starlet. The Coca-Cola company will be releasing a string of behind-the-scenes clips featuring Taylor on her ongoing 'Red Tour' that will no doubt see that she remains constantly refreshed by Diet Coke throughout the ad-campaign.

It has to be said that the first clip, featuring Taylor and a few regular Joe's singing a rendition of her hit '22', is a very good first try at the project and should the series continue in this kind of quality from here on then we may have quite the memorable business collaboration on our hands. A successful ad-campaign with Diet Coke may be just what Taylor needs at this time, given that she is in an unusually long period of singledom and walked away from the American Country Music Awards empty handed last week, Taylor has been in a bit of a rut lately. With her tour still ongoing though, this may be a suitable distraction from the boys for now.

In a recent video interview with ET, Taylor discussed the collaboration with Diet Coke to some lengths as well as talking about her 'Red Tour' and her deliberate effort to 'dress her age' over the past few years. "I think one of the things I've always tried to do was age gracefully. It was what I was trying to do when I was 18 - just be 18," she said. "I find it hilarious when I'm going to an award show, and I'm wearing shorts for a performance, and the next day the headlines are like 'Taylor goes edgy for her performance!' I'm like, 'I'm wearing more clothes than anyone here!'"

Taylor Swift
Taylor's Diet Coke Campaign is proving a hit so far