Bridget Jones told us well over a decade ago that a mini-break must mean love, so that's what we're assuming the deal is between Harry Styles and Taylor Swift, as they spend a night in the Lake District. Swift even met Styles' mum! 

Harry and Swift have been seeing each other for a few weeks, and have already been on a few cute dates, including one to the Zoo and another on Swift's private jet, flying from New York to London. The Mirror reported they'd been seen in a sleepy northern English village going for a meal with Harry and his Mum. They also fed doves and swans and indulged in a crazy trip to Tesco, where Harry purchased some hair wax. Later on in the day they went on a double date in a local pub with his sister, Gemma and her boyfriend. Their bill came to around £100 which included a 'handsome tip'. Harry had a quintessentially British meal Yorkshire pudding while Swift had a lemon sole, sipping J2Os. 

While these activities aren't exactly the kind of Hollywood extravagance that Taylor is used to, this may be the kind of romance she really needs, having dated a string of men (including Connor Kennedy next door to whom she bought a house... to be close to him) where grand romantic gestures have been par for the course. Grand romance isn't real though (and can never last forever), but a pint at the pub is.