The new Taylor Swift song 'I Knew You Were Trouble' has debuted on MTV.

Taylor Swift has been busy lately and not just with a new relationship. The ex-country-turned-teen-pop-dubstep-and-whatever-else sensation has been making the rounds, performing at various award shows and showcasing a whole new image to go with the promotion of her album, RED. The reinvention looks complete in the brand new video for 'I Knew You were Trouble.' It's shot with a gray-ish filter, features Taylor's brand new hairstyle (weren't pink tips the thing in 2010?) and a bit more physical contact with male specimens than we're used to seeing from Miss Swift.

Let's face it, she might be going for a complete makeover, but the singer is still a teen pop girl, through and through. And while we dare say the new clothes look a lot better, Taylor will have to try harder to compete with the rebellious exploits of certain ex-Disney girls (ahem, Miley Cyrus buzz cut, etc.) There's no denying that '...Trouble' is a catchy song though.

Whether you like Swift's music and whether you still think her love life is big news, the track is a solid pop number with a good video to go along with it. And from the looks of the reviews so far, it seems that it and the rest of the album will be stuck in everybody's head for a few months, whether you like it or not.