Taylor Swift's Rhode Island Home is under attack.

The multimillion dollar property, in White Hill, was targeted by three unruly fans this past weekend, which ultimately ended in their arrests.

On Sunday (June 15th) the three individuals were charged with throwing bottles of beer at Swift's house and shouting expletives at the patrolling security from the neighbouring east beach.

The Westerly Sun reported that Michael Horrigan, 29, Tristan J. Kading, 28, and Emily E. Kading, 26, were all charged with disorderly conduct in the incident.

The local Westerly Police Department responded to the call and met with one of the security guards who informed them that two males and a female threw the glass bottles in his direction and "extended their middle fingers," while hurling expletives.

The guard, Ryan Poirier, captured photographs of the intruders on his cell phone, which were used to identify the trio who were still on the beach.

Patrolman Matthew Hayden also joined Poirier to approach the three individuals, but Horrigan quickly ran in the direction of the Ocean House which promoted a call for back up from another guard.

The others were handcuffed and taken into custody where Poirier identified them as the alleged assailants.

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All three were eventually taken to Westerly police station, processed and charged with misdemeanor disorderly conduct.

They were eventually released after agreeing to appear in 4th Division District Court at a later date, and not to revisit Swift's property.

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This is the second time an incident has occurred at the 'Red' singer's home, in March (2014) Daniel P. Cole, from Brewster, Massachusetts, was charged with counts of wilful trespass and disorderly conduct after he was caught trespassing twice, on 9th December and 21st December. Cole reportedly told authorities that Swift wanted him to visit her at her Rhode Island estate.

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Swift was reportedly out at the time of the incident