Has Taylor Swift got her sights set on London? Now that the MTV Award-winning country singer has split up with Conor Kennedy, RadarOnline.com have reported that she may well want to brush shoulders with London’s glitterati and has been looking at expanding her property portfolio in the UK. That’s what pop stars do, you see. They don’t just ‘buy a house.’ No. They ‘expand their portfolio,’ as they collect houses like trinkets.

22-year-old Swift already has a pretty impressive pad out in Nashville, Tennessee; a $2.5 million mansion. She also reportedly owns a penthouse in central Nashville. And a $3.55 million property in Beverly Hills. And she’s bagged herself a home in Hyannis Port, Massachusetts, too. Let us just remind you of her age, there – just in case you missed it at the start of the paragraph there. She’s twenty-two years old. Just twenty-two. That’s one hell of a portfolio right there. And with her latest album Red riding high in the album charts on both sides of the continent, she will probably be able to bag herself another couple of little trinkets to add to the collection.

A source told RadarOnline “She loves being in London, just because it’s such a vibrant city and if she had a base there, it would be easier for her to travel around Europe when she’s touring… She wants to invest the money that's pouring in from the amazing success of Red into real property.”