Taylor Swift is a touring, songwriting machine – and she’s already working on the second bit, sort of. In between two gigs off her Red Tour, Swift attended the Fragrance Foundation Awards and even spared a minute of her precious time to talk to MTV about plans for her next album. The extremely successful RED will be a tough act to follow, but Taylor is giving her next record a lot of thought.

"I'm getting ready to start thinking about it," she said on the red carpet, before making her way up to Toronto, Ontario, for her next show. "Because my record, it just came out and I'm trying to give my mind a second to like, 'OK,' because when I write a record, I write until I cannot write anymore, I drive myself crazy and then finally the album comes out and I give myself a few months off so I'm still in that time."

Ok, so maybe that doesn’t exactly count as the planning stages, but still – with the singles off RED still fresh on everyone’s mind (and incessant radio play keeping them firmly anchored there,) Taylor has plenty of time to give herself that much needed break. Or, you know, focus on her tour for the time being – Jay Z might be a business, man, but Taylor Swift isn’t letting up either.

Taylor Swift, Fragrance Foundation 2013 FiFi Awards
Swift stunned on the red carpet at the awards.

Taylor Swift, The Summertime Ball
Just a few days earlier, she was in London for Capital FM's Summertime Ball.