Boyband heartthrob Harry Styles refused to officially confirm the rumours of a budding romance between him and Taylor Swift on the red carpet at this week’s Jingle Ball.

However, the One Direction star didn’t deny them either. As scores of teenage girls are holding their collective breath, more and more pictures and reports of the couple are surfacing. This week, the two of them were seen touring various towns in rural England, apparently on an extended celebration of Taylor’s 23rd birthday on Thursday. Harry and Taylor, who are yet to be given an official Hollywood couple name, along a couple of friends, were seen together at The Rising Sun pub in Hope Valley on Tuesday.

According to Sarah Walker, the manager of the place, quoted by PEOPLE magazine, Taylor and her reported new boyfriend didn’t seem too couple-y during dinner, and just behaved like a pleasant, happy group of friends. Swift said she "loved" being in Britain and was "excited about her birthday," continues Walker. The high profile patrons have been good for business, she goes on to comment. The two were seen traveling around the North, visiting the Lake District and Browness. The pair were reportedly chaperoned by Style’s mother.