Harry Styles may have just broke the collective hearts of his thousands of adorning fans, by exchanging phone numbers with American country sensation Taylor Swift. Heartthrob Styles, 18, met Swift at the Kids Choice Awards earlier this month and the pair immediately hit it off, according to Australia's Herald Sun.

A tongue-tied Styles dished on the meeting, saying, "We met in America, she's very nice, yes.She is very talented.She's very nice. We're friends". Harry is perhaps the most popular member of the hugely successful new boy-band, put together by Simon Cowell on the X Factor competition. He dated the 32-year-old British television presenter Caroline Flack last year, before the pair agreed to split. His band-mate Zayn Malick, 19, was briefly in a relationship with the singer Rebecca Ferguson, 25, but again, the couple split when One Direction's popularity began to surge. The pair denied reports that Cowell has imposed a "love ban" on the single members of the group, with Malick explaining, "Not true. It would have been a bit rough.We work hard and we play hard, so that would have been a bit rough.We're normal guys. If we find a girl attractive... if you meet a girl you meet a girl. If you exchange numbers then whatevs".

The band has been making waves in Australia, and will return to the country for a larger tour next year. They are reportedly set to release their second album in time for Christmas 2012.