Taylor Swift has packed a lot in to her 23 years, and she's topping it off with the newest addition to her videography, a video for I Knew You Were Trouble. 

Swift was born in 1989 in Pennsylvania and by the age of 9 had already shown promise in music and theatre, and in the following few years performed in various musicals including Grease. By 2003 the building blocks of her career had been forged as she'd begun learning to play guitar and had decided to focus on song writing. To nurture her career, in 2004 the family relocated to Nashville and she began to bombard recording companies with her music, and by 2007 she had toured with the Rascal Flats and Tim McGraw. 

A further five years on and her career has transcended anything she may have hoped for, with multi-platinum selling albums, sold out tours and countless awards, plus dating the world's musical elite and had it splashed around every news paper in America. However, it's not only her career that has evolved, but judging by the latest album and today's video, so has her image. From the squeaky clean American sweetheart with country at her core, a song called I Knew You Were Trouble from her latest album even utilises a drum and bass beat. Plus, that song's video sees her a little grunged out with pink dip dyed hair, very dark eye makeup and lying in the remnants of a very heavy night. 

The video will hit YouTube soon, but for now, check out the preview: