Taylor Swift will definitely be suffering a little under the wrath of vengeful One Direction fans, as it seems to be clear to everyone, despite no verbal validation, that she and Harry Styles are dating. However, given her colourful relationship history, many people already see doom and gloom on the horizon for the potential young love. Nevertheless, we're willing to entertain the possibility that it may last- but what are the chances?

Today E! has reported that it seems that Harry and Taylor spent the night together last night, and he was seen leaving her hotel this morning (04/12/12) so it really seems as though the relationship is amping up. However, it's Taylor's tradition to jump right in at the deep end. Her last relationship with Connor Kennedy, who was the same age as Harry at 18, saw her buy a house on his street to be close to him and it was even reported that she flew him in to see her, picking him up from school in a helicopter. That's intense. It's no surprise they broke up really.

Her other highly publicised relationships with Taylor Lautner, John Mayer and Jake Gyllenhall were also flops. Despite dating people who are also right in the spotlight, none of them have the same lifestyle or are even the same age as her. Mayer and Gyllenhall are both in their 30s, while Lautner was constantly busy with the Twilight saga and two years younger than Swift- which in 10 years may make no difference, but may have had a part to play.

Styles is four years Taylor's junior but they have both experienced a quick rise to fame and as they're both musicians their interests and priorities are likely to be the same. However, both of them are jetting off on tour next year so we give the relationship a use-by-date of 6 months. With Christmas, Valentines day and both their birthdays in that time, they'll have plenty to celebrate together before it all ends in tears.