Taylor Swift has broken a few handfuls of records in her short, yet impactful career. Her newest album 'Red' sold more records than any other album in the US during the past ten years, with 1.4m sales. With such impressive sales the album was, of course, number 1 in the album charts, and the success is still flowing, as Swift manages to retain the top spot, despite sales dropping by 72%, reports the New York Times.

In its second week, with sales of 344,000, that brings the total sales up to almost 1.8 million copies sold. With the highest selling week of the decade, does that mean she can make it to the highest selling album of the year? No, not necessarily. Adele is currently leading that poll with her second album '21', which has garnered sales of over 4 million already- despite it having been released in 2011 (that 4million brings the total up to almost 10million overall). Swift only has 8 weeks left to pick up 2.2million extra sales, an enormous number. 

If sales continue to drop as sharply as the comparison between last week and this, 'Red' doesn't have a chance. However, there is hope for young Swift. With both Thanksgiving and Christmas standing between now and the end of the year- both celebrations that encourage a buying culture- there is the chance that she could finish the year with yet another accolade under her belt.