We’re mighty impressed by Netflix’s growing repertoire of shows; not only are they putting on some brilliant stuff to catch up on (Breaking Bad fans who grabbed the one month free trial just to watch the show put your hand up) but they’re also bringing some exceptional new shows to the fore.

Taylor Schilling
Taylor Schilling at the premiere for Orange is The New Black

First there was House of Cards – the brilliant drama starring Kevin Spacey, which centred around an ousted political figure exerting his revenge on those who wronged him. It was reviewed well and watched by many, hence the arrival of Orange is The New Black – the darkly comic prison drama that follows the trials and tribulations of new inmate Piper Chapman (played by Taylor Schilling) who, in the trailer anyway, seems superb.

Starring Jason Biggs of American Pie fame, as well as Laura Prepon - best known for her role as Donna in That '70s Show – OITNB has pedigree, and considering it’s written by Jenji Kohan – the creator, writer and producer of the highly acclaimed Weeds – it’s clear that this isn’t just a test show to see if people still watch stuff online, it’s a fully fledged drama worthy of your HBOs, Skys and AMCs.

Jason BiggsJason Biggs takes on a more serious role, but still has some funny lines

It would appear as though House of Cards and Arrested Development – of which season 4 was available exclusively online – were just the beginning – Netflix are attracting some serious talent to their streaming platform, and we expect it won’t be long before production companies start putting entire seasons live at once.