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T-pain And Taylor Momsen To Judge Porn Site's Theme Song Contest

20th November 2014

Musicians T-Pain and Taylor Momsen have signed up to serve as judges for an adult website's theme song contest.Bosses at asked viewers to compose and submit an "original Pornhub themed song" in September (14),...

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Taylor Momsen's Band Makes History With Second Hit

5th September 2014

Actress-turned-rocker Taylor Momsen and her group Pretty Reckless have made history in America by becoming the first female-fronted band to score number ones with their first two hits on the Mainstream Rock Songs chart.The band's...

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Ariana, Zooey, J-lo, Miley! When Actresses Become Songstresses

By Stephanie Chase | 31st July 2014

There seems to be a special musical buzz in the entertainment business at the moment reserved for screen actresses who are wanting to spread their wings in their career - and maybe earn some more...

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Zendaya Coleman Named New Face Of Material Girl

20th June 2014

Disney star Zendaya Coleman is the new face of Madonna's Material Girl clothing line. The 17-year-old beauty, who is taking the reigns from singer Rita Ora, will appear in the 'Boardwalk Babe' adverts showing the...

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Taylor Momsen Wants To Have Children

16th June 2014

Taylor Momsen wants to settle down and have children.The Pretty Reckless singer - who performed at the this year's Isle of Wight Festival on Saturday (14.06.14) - wants to get married and start a family...

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Taylor Momsen's Parents Don't 'Care' About Nudity

21st April 2014

Taylor Momsen claims her parents don't ''care'' she gets naked and wears provocative clothing.The 20-year-old singer, who stripped off for the cover of her Pretty Reckless album 'Going To Hell' and also appeared naked in...

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Taylor Momsen Loves New York

18th April 2014

Taylor Momsen needs ''grit'' in her life.The Pretty Reckless singer tries to stay out of the limelight by living in New York where she can ''hide'' and claims she has never really ''cared'' about mixing...

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Taylor Momsen Won't Ever Act Again

13th April 2014

Taylor Momsen has quit acting forever.The Pretty Reckless singer rose to fame aged 14 as Jenny Humphrey in the CW's hit teen drama 'Gossip Girl', only to leave the show for good after the fourth...

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The Things They Say: 4129252

28th March 2014

"We're all naked when we're born. If you find it shocking, that's your own perception. I don't think John Lennon was trying to shock people when he was naked on (album) Two Virgins. He was...

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The Things They Say: 4128262

28th March 2014

"If it comes on during Christmas, I'll watch a minute of it. Then I switch the channel." Rocker Taylor Momsen on her breakout acting role in How The Grinch Stole Christmas, when she was six.

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The Things They Say: 4128067

28th March 2014

"I quit years ago. It was always kind of a day job for me. Now I can tour... so I'm not pursuing acting - unless Joss Whedon wants to cast me as Thor." Former Gossip...

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Taylor Momsen Wants To Write With Noel Gallagher

22nd March 2014

Taylor Momsen wants to write a song with Noel Gallagher. The Pretty Reckless singer is a self-confessed Oasis fan and previously met Noel's brother and former bandmate Liam but claims she is dying to collaborate...

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Pretty Reckless: The Evolution Of Taylor Momsen

By Stephanie Chase | 21st March 2014

From little Cindy Lou in ‘The Grinch’ to 'Gossip Girl's' Jenny Humphries to now fully fledged rock frontwoman with The Pretty Reckless Taylor Momsen has had quite the career evolution before our very eyes. Now...

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Taylor Momsen Wouldn't Rule Out Playboy

20th March 2014

Taylor Momsen has hinted she would pose naked for Playboy. The Pretty Reckless singer - who shows off her nude butt on the front cover of the band's new album 'Going To Hell', which is...

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The Pretty Reckless New Album: Are Critics Rocking Out To 'Going To Hell'? [Video]

By Lauren James | 19th March 2014

The Pretty Reckless' new album, Going To Hell, was released last Friday (14th March) which has given critics ample time to mull over the new offering from Taylor Momsen's rock band. Known for her role...

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Lourdes: Rita Ora Is The Perfect Material Girl

10th March 2014

Lourdes Leon thinks Rita Ora makes the perfect Material Girl ambassador.Madonna's teenage daughter has taken to her blog to gush over pop sensation Rita, who was tapped as the face of the mother and daughter...

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Taylor Momsen Doesn't Use Sexuality To Shock

10th February 2014

Taylor Momsen insists she doesn't use her sexuality to shock. The 20-year-old singer posed naked for the front cover of her band The Pretty Reckless' upcoming album 'Going To Hell' record, causing a storm on...

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Taylor Momsen: 'I Like To Be Choked'

9th February 2014

Rocker Taylor Momsen likes to be choked thanks to goth godfather Marilyn Manson.The Beautiful People singer clamped his hands around the former Gossip Girl star's neck when they performed together at the Revolver Golden Gods...

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Taylor Momsen Hired Kids Choir For Hell Track

7th February 2014

Actress-turned-heavy rocker Taylor Momsen has no regrets about asking a choir of eight-to-12 year olds to sing about going to hell on a new album track, because she's convinced the kids had no idea what...

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Jenna Haze Fakes Orgasm For The Pretty Reckless Song

By Steven Williams | 5th February 2014

The Pretty Reckless singer Taylor Momsen recorded her ex-porn star friend, Jenna Haze, having an orgasm for their song 'Follow Me Down'. The saucy sound can be heard at the introduction to the song, although...

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Taylor Momsen Bares All For New Pretty Reckless Album

23rd January 2014

Taylor Momsen has posed naked on the cover of The Pretty Reckless' new album.The former 'Gossip Girl' actress has unveiled the artwork for her band's 'Going To Hell' record, which shows her from behind with...

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Taylor Momsen Going To Hell In Orgy-themed Video

21st October 2013

Actress/singer Taylor Momsen has shocked fans yet again by stripping down and engaging in a simulated orgy in The Pretty Reckless' new music video.The former Gossip Girl star has dared to push the envelope once...

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Taylor Momsen Says Parents Call Cops On Her

9th October 2013

Taylor Momsen says some parents have called the police during her concerts to complain about her on stage antics.The Pretty Reckless singer claims some mothers and fathers who have accompanied their kids to a concert...

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Taylor Momsen Had To Re-record Album After Storm Disaster

16th September 2013

Singer/actress Taylor Momsen had to start her latest album "from scratch" and push back its release after the recording studio where she was working was destroyed by superstorm Sandy.The star was laying down tracks with...

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Taylor Momsen Signs With Top Modelling Agency

14th June 2013

Actress/singer Taylor Momsen can now add model to her extensive repertoire after signing with a top agency.The former Gossip Girl star, who played Jenny Humphrey in the hit U.S. Tv series, has followed in the...

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Rita Ora Confirmed As Face Of Material Girl

12th June 2013

Rita Ora has confirmed she is the new face of Madonna's fashion label.The British singer has officially signed on to front campaigns for the pop icon's Material Girl teenage fashion line, which she co-designs with...

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Rita Ora Is Madonna's New Material Girl

19th May 2013

Rita Ora has joined the likes of Kelly Osbourne and actress/rocker Taylor Momsen by becoming one of Madonna's real-life Material Girls.The British singer has signed on as the new face of the pop superstar's 1980s-inspired...

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Celebrities And Socialites Attend Donatella's Showcase For Versace Versus Line

By Victoria Pavlova | 17th May 2013

Versace lovers gathered en masse at Donatella Versace’s showcase at Lexington Avenue Armory Wednesday in New York for the new Versus line. The venue, appropriately dimmed for the edgy collection’s reveal, was filled to the...

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Taylor Momsen's Studio And Equipment Wrecked In Hurricane

1st November 2012

Singer/actress Taylor Momsen and her band The Pretty Reckless have lost all of their recording equipment after their New York studio was wrecked by superstorm Sandy.The former Gossip Girl star took to her page...

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Taylor Momsen Strips In Pretty Reckless Video

15th October 2012

Actress/singer Taylor Momsen has shocked fans by appearing completely naked in The Pretty Reckless' new video.The former Gossip Girl star is heard reading lines from the song Under the Water as the camera focuses on...

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