Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2 opens on November 16th in the U.S and U.K simultaneously. Sometimes not seen in the forefront, with Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart dominating the headlines, and poster space, here’s your chance to get an insight into Taylor Lautner, who’s been speaking to Reuters.

At the age of 20, Lautner - who plays Jacob Black in the Twilight series – has already carved out a major fan base. "He's always been so stressed and emotional and things aren't going his way and there was a huge weight lifted off his shoulders in this one, huge,” explained Lautner on the changes in his character for the upcoming, and last instalment of the films. “It was nice to play that side of Jacob where he could sit back and relax and have a smile on his face and crack a few funny jokes every now and then." So what will Taylor do now that his turn as Jacob Black is over, comedy perhaps? His cameo in Grown Ups 2 suggest it’s something he’d like to get into after the serious nature of the Twilight films. "It was great to do (comedy), just hop in and show a different side, do something fun and work with somebody like Adam (Sandler). But now I'm looking forward to doing something different from that. There are a few projects that I'm very excited about that are extremely challenging and dramatic and would be tough."

Perhaps the biggest aspect of doing a film as popular as Twilight, is the fact that people seem to care more about your private life, and this is something Lautner felt, especially considering the high profile infidelity in the case of Pattinson and Stewart. "It's unlike anything else because when we do talk about the movies,” Lautner said, “90 percent of the time people want to know more about ourselves than the characters and what's going on. I guess that just comes with a fan base like this, it comes with the job and you try and not let it affect you too much, but I have no complaints ... The scrutiny, is it unfortunate? Yeah, but you just got to make your way around it and think about things more."