Tara Reid has reportedly been hospitalised with a rather nasty sounding stomach illness. Reid, who recently starred in the fourth full edition of the 'American Pie' film series 'American Reunion', is currently out in Nice in southern France but has been taken to hospital there following what TMZ are reporting as Acute Pancreatitis - something that sounds as confusing as it does grim.

Apparently, Acute Pancreatitis occurs when the body starts eating away at the pancreas, with symptoms including an unholy mixture of things like vomiting, nausea, diarrhoea and fever. Yep, pretty grim then. Reid has been in hospital for several days and is likely to be in there a while longer whilst she makes a full recovery from the illness, which is supposedly not life threatening. It was suggested during the week that the actress might well be suffering with something, as she was pictured on Tuesday walking around holding her stomach and looking worried.

As ever with Reid though, the illness might not be the whole of the story. A notorious party girl, there are rumours that her wild lifestyle might have had something to do with this hospitalisation, with reports that she's been spending most of her time in Nice raving it up on some yachts in St. Tropez, as well as enjoying the town's nightlife.