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Tanya Roberts

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At The Hollywood Collector's Show

Tanya Roberts Saturday 18th July 2009 at the Hollywood Collector's Show Burbank, California

Tanya Roberts

Black Carpet Premiere Of 'Criss Angel Believe' Held At The Luxor Hotel & Casino

Tanya Roberts and Criss Angel Friday 31st October 2008 Black Carpet Premiere Of 'Criss Angel Believe' held at the Luxor Hotel & Casino Las Vegas, Nevada

Tanya Roberts and Criss Angel

A View To A Kill Review

At age 58, Roger Moore turned in his action hero togs after this final outing as Bond. A View to a Kill is at least better than Octopussy, but it's so absurd as to make for a less than perfect time. The good news: Christopher Walken is a classic (if obvious) Bond villain, determined to flood Silicon Valley so he can corner the market for microchips. There's a bit of silliness about doped horses and some questionable science behind this plan, but it's all in good fun. Tanya Roberts is a classic Bond girl. Grace Jones, well, she's something else entirely.

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Fingers Review

Rarely has a crime/gangster movie been produced with such a sense of calmness. Fingers, a cult classic, is a real showpiece for Harvey Keitel, who plays the title of Jimmy Fingers, a low-level gangster working for his father as a bag man but dreaming of becoming -- of all things -- a concert pianist.

Jimmy divides his day among busting caps, piano practice, and auditions for Carnegie Hall. The comparison to Taxi Driver is obvious, but these are far different films (and that said, Taxi Driver is a far better one, too).

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Charlie's Angel Loses Dog Fight

Tanya Roberts Bond

Former CHARLIE'S ANGELS star Tanya Roberts broke down in a Los Angeles court on Thursday (11SEP03) when she was told she'd have to give up her beloved dogs or face a jail term.

One of the actress' pets, SPANKY, was taken to an animal control centre after it attacked a jogger near her Los Angeles home in May (03), and her own license, allowing her to own dogs, was revoked after the incident.

Roberts, who was also a Bond girl in A VIEW TO A KILL, chose to fight to keep her dogs and get Spanky back, but was told by a judge her pets were too dangerous.

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Charlie's Angel Fights Dog Case

Bond Tanya Roberts

Former CHARLIE'S ANGEL and Bond girl Tanya Roberts is taking Los Angeles' dog patrol authorities to court after they nabbed her pooch SPANKY for attacking a neighbour.

The actress claims she's being victimised because she's a celebrity, after her pet attacked a jogger while he was out walking with his mistress.

The A VIEW TO A KILL star says, "It's ridiculous. I save dogs. I'm sort of a dog activist and Spanky is a little angel."

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Tanya Roberts

Tanya Roberts Quick Links

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