British actress Tamzin Outhwaite has opened up about a struggle with depression which left her dreading getting out of bed every morning.
The 7 Seconds star is now happily married to actor Tom Ellis, but admits she wasn't always so optimistic about life and has faced despair and "dark times".
But Outhwaite reveals she was able to pull out of the slump after turning to others for support.
She tells Good Housekeeping magazine, "Life at the moment couldn't be much better but there have been times and situations in my life when waking up in the morning has not been fun.
"It's no longer a taboo to seek help at dark times, be it from a professional or a friend and I did that when I was younger. It helped me realise what's worth holding on to in life and what you're allowed to let go. Being a little older, having gone through periods I don't want to go back to, means I appreciate life so much more now."