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Queen And Country Trailer

Basic training for the Korean War is tough on a group of young British cadets. It's specifically tough on Bill Rohan (Callum Turner), as their sergeant hates him. The only consoling factor is the trainee nurses school just outside of his basecamp. When he's not trying to woo the nurses in the town, he's sneaking over to their school to see the woman he has fallen in love with. But when the sergeant's prize clock is stolen, Rohan must do everything to save his best friend from court marshalling, catch the girl of his dreams, and prepare for war.

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YSL Beauty: YSL Loves Your Lips

Tamsin Egerton - Cara Delevingne hosts YSL Loves Your Lips - Party held at The Boiler House - Arrivals - London, United Kingdom - Tuesday 20th January 2015

Tamsin Egerton
Tamsin Egerton
Tamsin Egerton
Tamsin Egerton

YSL Loves Your Lips - Party

Tamsin Egerton - YSL Loves Your Lips - Party at Brick Lane London. - London, United Kingdom - Tuesday 20th January 2015

Cara Delevingne hosts YSL Loves Your Lips - party

Tamsin Egerton - Cara Delevingne hosts YSL Loves Your Lips - party to celebrate the re-launch of YSL's Luxurious Mascara at The Boiler House, Old Truman Brewery. London. UK - London, United Kingdom - Tuesday 20th January 2015

Yves Saint Laurent Loves Your Lips Party in Brick Lane, East London.

Tamsin Egerton - Yves Saint Laurent Loves Your Lips Party attended by Cara Delevingne, Poppy Delevingne and Tamsin Egerton among others at The Boiler House in Brick Lane, London at Brick Lane, East London - London, United Kingdom - Tuesday 20th January 2015

Tamsin Egerton

The British Fashion Awards 2014 - Departures

Tamsin Egerton - The British Fashion Awards 2014 held at London Coliseum - Departures at COLISEUM, The British Fashion Awards - London, United Kingdom - Monday 1st December 2014

Love, Rosie Review


Deliberately unstructured, this likeable romantic comedy holds the audience's interest with its strikingly engaging cast and a slick visual style, but the plot is both contrived and underdeveloped. As the filmmakers try out some wacky slapstick, pointed political moments or a bit of darkly emotional drama, the movie's tone veers so wildly that we don't quite know where to look. And by never managing to crack the surface, the script leaves the actors with little to do but look good.

The story centres on two childhood friends: Rosie (Lily Collins) and Alex (Sam Claflin) grew up on the same street in England, developing romantic longings that they kept hidden. After a drunken teenage kiss, they rebound into the arms of other people: Rosie hooks up with the school hunk Greg (Christian Cooke), while Alex takes wannabe supermodel Bethany (Suki Waterhouse) to the big dance. Then Rosie and Alex's plan to go to university together in Boston is derailed by an unexpected pregnancy. Over the next 12 years they live on opposite sides of the Atlantic, trying to get on with their romantic lives. Alex finds a serious girlfriend (Tamsin Egerton) while Rosie re-connects with Greg and gets support from a pal (Jaime Winstone). But they never stop pining for each other.

Shot and edited in a bouncy rom-com style, it's immediately obvious where this is heading, so screenwriter Juliette Towhidi has to work overtime to throw the audience off the scent, which leaves the movie spinning in circles while we wait for the inevitable to happen. Fortunately, the characters are vivid enough to keep us entertained, as people move in and out of each others' lives providing the laughs and tears for Rosie and Alex, as well as the audience. Even if the characters are predictable and simplistic, Collins and Claflin manage to find moments of real depth along the way. Although it's difficult not to think that one proper conversation between these lifelong best pals would have saved them decades of frustration.

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Love, Rosie Trailer

Love can be confusing, complicating and utterly gut-wrenching as Rosie painfully discovers on her journey to adulthood. She and Alex have been best friends since childhood, with any hint of a romance being only fleeting, and quickly replaced by someone else. At school they decide to go to university together in America, but while Alex lands his dream scholarship at Harvard, Rosie finds herself left behind with an unplanned pregnancy - with the father taking off pretty quickly. Alex and Rosie are determined to stay in contact, but when she makes the mistake of telling her colleague about him, she starts to wonder if she has lost him forever as they begin planning a wedding. As it slowly dawns on Rosie that she and Alex were made for each other, it becomes unclear how their next meeting will end - especially after 12 years.

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Grand Piano Review


Spanish director Eugenio Mira combines slick filmmaking with a dark and nasty plot as this fast-paced thriller unfolds almost in real time. So even if the premise doesn't quite stand up to scrutiny, it's packed with characters and twists that keep the audience glued to the screen as the mystery charges inexorably forward. Suspense comes in some gruesome surprises along the way, as well as in the actors' urgent performances.

The film opens as Tom (Elijah Wood) heads to Chicago for his first piano performance in five years, organised by his movie-star wife Emma (Kerry Bishe). She's even flown in the custom piano owned by Tom's late mentor, whose fortune mysteriously vanished after he died (cue an ominous chord!). Despite enormous pressure from the press and his fans, Tom is quietly confident about his long-awaited return to the stage. An old friend (Don McManus) is conducting tonight, and his assistant (Alex Winter) has everything under control. Then just as he begins to play Tom sees words in red ink on his score: "Play one note wrong and you die!" Using an earpiece and a laser gunsight, an angry fan (John Cusack) leads Tom on a wild cat-and-mouse game right through the performance.

Yes, the idea is pretty preposterous, and not just because Tom can play outrageously complicated pieces note-perfect while a maniac shouts in his ear. Tom even manages to make phone calls and send text messages while playing, darting off-stage to crank up suspense along the way. The main threat is against his wife, whose demanding friend (Tamsin Egerton) and her browbeaten husband (Allen Leech) also get involved in the mayhem, which no one else in the theatre seems to notice until the over-the-top finale. But through all of this, Mira directs with a Hitchcockian grip on the suspense, deploying gallows humour, sweeping camerawork, dramatic music and complex long takes tighten the screws.

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Love, Rosie - Teaser Trailer

Alex Stewart and Rosie Dunne are the best of friends struggling through the pressures of their teenage years; Alex is intent on losing his virginity to the pretty blonde girl he's interested in while Rosie is meanwhile having her own problems in the bedroom. Their friendship leads them to agree on jetting over to the US together for their university years, but it looks like Rosie's life is going to take a different turn entirely. In the next 12 years, they find their worlds transforming in more ways than they could've possibly imagined, but the matchless bond between them can only strengthen with time. And while their romantic lives stray away from each other, could they find themselves rekindling hidden feelings for one another in their futures?

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'Justin and the Knights of Valour' Attempts To Break A Crowded Marketplace [Trailer + Pictures]

Freddie Highmore Saoirse Ronan Mark Strong Antonio Banderas Olivia Williams Charles Dance Julie Walters Alfred Molina Rupert Everett Tamsin Egerton David Walliams

It’s been a pretty solid year for animated features so far; Wreck it Ralph, Despicable Me 2 and Monsters University all performed solidly with the critics and in the box office. But it hasn’t been all plain sailing – films like Turbo and Escape From Planet Earth haven’t gone down too well.

Justin and the Knights of ValourCan Justin, voiced by Highmore, learn the ways of the Knight?

There was a time when all animated films were basically the best films ever: Ratatouille, Finding Nemo, Toy Story(s), Up – but now there seems to be room for some pretty average efforts. Striking up some cute characters with big eyes, pitting them against a baddie and creating a weird little fella for comic relief just doesn’t cut it anymore.

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Justin and the Knights of Valour Trailer

Justin is an average boy with big dreams living in a Kingdom where the Queen has enlisted lawyers instead of knights. However, Justin wants more than anything in the world to become one the latter, just like his deceased grandfather Sir Roland. He must embark on a quest to train to become the best knight he can and on the way meets his three mentors, Blucher, Legantir and Braulio, a wacky wizard named Melquiades and the very beautiful Talia. Sooner than he'd hoped, he finds his first challenge; Sir Heraclio and his sidekick Sota are attempting to raise an army to defeat the Kingdom, leaving Heraclio crowned king. Justin must protect the Kingdom he was brought up in and, in doing so, purloin his grandfather's old sword from Heraclio's clutches.

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The Look of Love Review


Michael Winterbottom vividly recreates swinging 1960s London in this biopic about one of Soho's most notorious figures. It's a lively and attention-grabbing film, but the cast and filmmakers never create a character we can identify with or care about, which leaves the film feeling a bit meaningless. And even if we're interested in the history, we are never able to feel the emotions.

As he did for Winterbottom in 24 Hour Party People, Steve Coogan plays a colourful real-life figure, this time Paul Raymond, also known as the King of Soho. Raymond made his fortune through strip clubs and lap-dancing venues, then expanded into publishing men's magazines before purchasing large swathes of property in London's artiest district. But his marriage to Jean (Friel) was strained by his rampant womanising, including a long-term relationship with actress-model Fiona Richmond (Egerton). And the main woman in Paul's life was his daughter Debbie (Poots), who was in line to inherit his fortune when she died of a heroin overdose in 1992.

The film is framed with Debbie's funeral, showing Raymond at his lowest point. But then, even when he was living the high life, his self-obsession casts a heavy shadow. Everyone in this story is just as lost in their own addictions. And it's sad to see Raymond himself never able to move on from his own early years, amassing a £1 billion fortune, which he left to Debbie's children when he died in 2008. Coogan bravely never tries to get us to sympathise with Raymond, delivering a focussed performance that's darkly bittersweet. Poots adeptly captures Debbie's inability to see her own talents as she falls into a whirlwind of drug abuse. And Friel and Egerton get the most engaging roles as woman thrown aside along the way.

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Steve Coogan, Anna Friel And Tamsin Egerton Glam Up Soho Premiere Of 'The Look Of Love' (Photos)

Steve Coogan Anna Friel Tamsin Egerton Chris Addison James Lance Michael Winterbottom

Steve Coogan, Chris Addison and Imogen Poots party hard in 'The Look of Love'
Steve Coogan, Chris Addison and Imogen Poots party hard in 'The Look of Love'

Upcoming biopic 'The Look of Love' based on the life of glamour entrepreneur Paul Raymond hit London yesterday (April 15th 2013) in its premiere with all the pizazz that Soho could offer.

'Alan Partridge' star Steve Coogan still seemed a little in character, shunning a tie and opting for an eye-catching shirt with several top buttons undone when he hit the red carpet at the Curzon Soho in London alongside his glamorous co-stars Anna Friel and Tamsin Egerton who play his onscreen wife and daughter respectively. While Anna was positively glowing in her ankle length yellow and gold dress that certainly matched up to the glorious English Springtime, Tamsin opted for a white, long-sleeved, floor-length number that flattered her elegant frame.  Former 'Mock The Week' host Chris Addison and current host Dara O'Briain also made appearances on the red carpet having both featured in the biographical comedy, as well as 'Boy Meets Girl' star James Lance who played Raymond's business associate Carl Snitcher in the movie.

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Look Of Love Trailer

Paul Raymond became the wealthiest man in the UK when he opened the country's first strip club, the Raymond Revue bar, after starting out his nightlife career as a mind-reader cabaret performer. When the bar became highly successful among gentlemen everywhere, his risqué empire only grew into various men's magazines including 'Men's Only', 'Razzle' and 'Mayfair' not to mention spawning various new clubs across the entertainment district of London, Soho, earning him the nickname 'King of Soho'. Though, while loved and admired by thousands, he was also scorned in other circles and even his family began to suffer from the effects of his billion pound industry. His marriage to one of his strippers, Jean, did not meet an amicable end as he embarked on a whirlwind affair with a younger star, and his previously close bond with his daughter Debbie whom he loved more than anything in the world, was broken after her sudden death at the tender age of 36. This is the story of the triumphs and turmoil of Britain's richest man.

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Tamsin Egerton

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