"It's sucking my will to live!" quipped Garth of Wayne's World. Now, is that corporate America's fault, or our insistence of living in the closeted environment of our careers instead of acknowledging the outside world? How long could we go through the same corridors, talking to the same exact people, day in and day out, without losing our mental faculties?

Tom (Fabrizio Filippo), Sandra (Marya Delver), Randy (Tobias Godson), and Curt (Gordon Currie) are, possibly due to boredom, in the midst of a bet to see who can survive the longest without leaving the corridors and buildings that connect their downtown area. A month's worth of salary is at stake to prove their stubborn will surpasses their peers. What helps is that most of the area near their office is connected to life's necessities though passages that join one building to the next. Hence, they are able to go home at night, eat food at the mall, and so on without having to actually encounter the great urban outdoors.

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