Writer/director Harry Ralston's The Last Man demonstrates that certain distributors will release even the most inept films. Intended to be a comedy about relationships, this wretched work falls flat in just about every conceivable area. Even calling it a movie most deserving of a straight-to-video release would be giving it too much credit.

The Last Man is set in a post-apocalyptic near-future, where the human race has been annihilated save for three survivors. Alan, a rotund graduate student, at first believes that he is the last human on earth. He attempts to document the remainder of his life on video and, at the same time, educate future races about the philosophy and traditions of a group of South American Indians he had been studying. Alan learns he's not alone when he surprisingly encounters Sarah (Star Trek hottie Jeri Ryan), the world's last human female. Lucky for Alan, she's quite a beauty -- the kind of woman who would never give him the time of day if there existed even the least bit of competition. Of course, this isn't a concern until the handsome yet dense Raphael appears on the scene, providing an instant threat to Alan.

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