The anxious instrumental frenzy that constitutes the debut album from Hereford-based six-piece Talons is an uneasy listen. Drawing inspiration from a variety of sources, perhaps most notably Explosions In The Sky, Mogwai, Biffy Clyro and Slipknot, Hollow Realm confidently launches itself at listeners with much enraged determination.

From the word go Hollow Realm is a hectic instrumental affair. On its' opening track, 'St. Mary Will Be The Death Of Us All', pounding drums emerge from a gentle guitar bed and soon the track kicks into a frantic post-rock drive. There's a layer of unusual violin over a wall of guitars, bass and busy drums before the track chops into a metal feel, again with haunting, angsty violin sounding clear in the mix. Picking up pace, the psychotic sonic rollercoaster then snaps into a different feel of interlocking guitars, bass and violins, briefly intercepted by a stop section which resembles Biffy's 'Living Is A Problem Because Everything Dies', and again snapping back again. Yes, Talons music really is that frantic, choppy and unsettled; the same is evidenced throughout the entirety of Hollow Realm.

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