Forget that failed, F/X-driven flick producer Dean Devlin and director Roland Emmerich spent $120 million on in 1998, the new Japanese import "Godzilla 2000" is what Godzilla movies are all about: Low production values, high camp and a guy in a giant rubber reptile suit rampaging through a detailed miniature of Tokyo, knocking down buildings, kicking cars and breathing fire! Yeah, that's the stuff!

Getting a wide release in the U.S. thanks to a contractual obligation written into the rights granted TriStar Pictures for that American "Godzilla," this 23rd entry in the belovedly bad series is everything a cheesy monster movie should be.

It's shot on cheap film stock. The special effects, while improved with dough brought in by the American deal, are utterly corny. The dubbing is comical and the dialogue and acting even worse ("Great Caesar's ghost!" someone cries upon seeing Godzilla).

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