Ex-Take That star GARY BARLOW is still shocked he survived the terrorist attacks in London last summer (07JUL05), after witnessing the immediate aftermath of the carnage. The British singer was travelling on an underground train alongside one of the three trains that were bombed on the fateful day, when an explosion threw him to the ground. The BACK FOR GOOD hitmaker is still affected by how close he came to death that day, insisting he is still traumatised by what he saw. Barlow recalls, "Next to us was what looked like another train, but it had no roof or side. The seats were exposed and although it was dark I could see bodies lying across them. "I began to understand how lucky I had been. I counted seven bodies, and as a woman was carried out on a stretcher, I prayed she would be alright. I made it home on adrenaline, I guess, and for the next three hours I was glued to the news. "I don't know why there or why then, but I began to cry in the shower. My mind kept returning to that woman. I could have been in her place. "Thank God I'm still here. I can't stop kissing my children. I have never been so happy to be alive."