T.I. (born Clifford Joseph Harris, 25.9.1980)
T.I. is an American rapper and head of Grand Hustle Records. T.I. featured with Pharrell Williams on the 2013 chart-topping Robin Thicke single 'Blurred Lines'.

Net Worth: According to Celebrity Net Worth in 2013, T.I. has a net worth of 50 million USD.

Childhood: T.I. was born in Atlanta, Georgia, and was brought up by his grandparents. He began rapping at the age of eight, and became a drug dealer as a child. When his great grandfather, a record executive, discovered his rapping talent, he signed T.I. to Arista Records, a subsidiary of LaFace Records, despite him having been arrested on multiple occasions for drug dealing. When he joined the label, he changed his stage name from Tip to T.I. as Arista Records was already the home of rapper Q-Tip.

Career: T.I. released his debut studio album, 'I'm Serious', on 9th October 2001, to fair critical praise. The album failed to connect with listeners, however, and reached only number 98 in the US charts. This led to Arista dropping T.I. from the label. He subsequently founded his own Grand Hustle Records through Atlantic Records, and released his second studio album 'Trap Muzik' 19th August 2003. Not only did this album receive more critical praise, but it also charted higher - reaching number two on Billboard's 200 list. T.I. was sentenced to three years in prison in 2004, due to a violation of his parole from a case in 1998 for drug dealing. While in prison, T.I. was given a chance to work within the prison, and was able to write, record and release his third album while in prison. 'Urban Legend' was released on 30th November 2004, receiving mixed to poor reviews. While it only reached the seventh spot on Billboard's 200 list, it reached the top spot of Billboard's Top Rap Albums and Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums charts. On 28th March, 2006, T.I. made released the tremendously successful album 'King'. The album debuted at the top of Billboard's 200, with overwhelmingly favourable reviews from critics, going on to receive a Grammy nomination for 'Best Rap Album'. While his fifth studio album, 'T.I. vs. T.I.P', would receive the same level of success, it only received moderate reviews from critics upon its release on 7th July, 2007. Again, the album was nominated for 'Best Rap Album' at the Grammy Awards, however it lost to Kanye West's album 'Graduation'. On October 13, 2007, T.I. was arrested on charges of possessing unregistered machine guns and silencers, as well as possessing firearms as a convicted felon. He was sentenced to time in prison, a year of house arrest and 1,500 hours of community service. While under house arrest, T.I. began working on his sixth studio album, 'Paper Trail'. Released on 8th September 2008, 'Paper Trail' received moderate reviews and once again debuted at the top of Billboard's 200 list. Following the release, T.I. received his prison sentence in early 2009, and was sentenced to one year and one day in prison in Forrest City, Arkansas. Leaving prison in early 2010, T.I. got to work on his seventh studio album, 'No Mercy'. On 1st September 2010, T.I. was arrested for parole violation and drug possession yet again, and sentenced to eleven months in jail. The album, 'No Mercy', was released on 7th December 2010, receiving moderate reviews again, yet only reaching number four on Billboard's 200 list. The album was released while he was serving time in jail. Following his release from prison, T.I. announced on 1st March 2012 that he had signed Iggy Azalea, Chipmunk and Trae Tha Truth to his record label. On 18th December, he released his eighth studio album, 'Trouble Man: Heavy Is the Head'. The album received mixed reviews, and peaked at the number two spot on Billboard's 200 list. On 22nd November, 2013, T.I. revealed that his ninth studio album was going to be released through Columbia Records. On 16th December 2013, T.I. announced that his upcoming ninth studio album was going to be called 'Paperwork'. The album was later released on 21st December 2014, to fair critical praise and once again came second on Billboard's 200 list.

Personal Life: T.I. has two children with Lashon Dixon: Messiah Ya' Majesty Harris was born on 2nd February 2000, and Domani Uriah Harris was born on 19th March 2001. The couple soon broke up. T.I. began a relationship with R&B singer Ms. Niko, resulting in the birth of Deyjah Imani Harris on 17th June, 2001. In 2001, T.I. began a relationship with Tameka "Tiny" Cottle, who gave birth to Clifford "King" Joseph Harris III on 25th August 2005. They had a second child, Major Philant Harris, on 16th May 2006, and a daughter, Lelah Amore Harris, who was stillborn three months early on 22nd March 2007. T.I. and Cottle were married on 30th July, 2010, in Miami, Florida.

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Jennifer Lopez Pre Show Red Carpet

TI - Jennifer Lopez: All I Have at The AXIS at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino at Planet Hollywood - Las Vegas, Nevada, United States - Wednesday 20th January 2016


VH1 Big In 2015 With Entertainment Weekly Award Show

T.I. , Tameka Cottle - VH1 Big in 2015 with Entertainment Weekly Award Show at Pacific Design Center - West Hollywood, California, United States - Sunday 15th November 2015

T.i. and Tameka Cottle
T.i. and Tameka Cottle
T.i. and Tameka Cottle
T.i. and Tameka Cottle
T.i. and Tameka Cottle
T.i. and Tameka Cottle

1020 Amplified By HTC At Barclays Center Of Brooklyn

T.I. - 1020 Amplified by HTC at Barclays Center of Brooklyn at Brooklyn - New York, New York, United States - Tuesday 20th October 2015


2015 Triumph Awards

T.I. - 2015 Triumph Awards presented by National Action Network and TV One - Atlanta, Georgia, United States - Sunday 13th September 2015


T.I. And His Wife Tameka Cottle Arrive At Madeo Restaurant

T.I. - T.I. and his wife Tameka Cottle arrive at Madeo restaurant in Beverly Hills - Los Angeles, California, United States - Tuesday 18th August 2015

T.i. and Tameka Cottle
T.i. and Tameka Cottle
T.i. and Tameka Cottle
T.i. and Tameka Cottle

Judge Reduces Robin Thicke And Pharrell Williams's 'Blurred Lines' Case Payment By $2 Million

Robin Thicke Pharrell Williams Marvin Gaye T.I

Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams have received a little bit of good news regarding their ‘Blurred Lines’ copyright case, after a judge trimmed more than $2 million from the damages the duo were ordered to pay to the family of Marvin Gaye.

Robin ThickeRobin Thicke’s Blurred Lines will now cost him $2 million less.

On July 14th US district judge John A Kronstadt ruled that $2 million should be cut from the $7.4 million total which had been decided on back in March, bringing the sum down to $5.3 million. Kronstadt said that he had made the reducTIon as the original award was not supported by the evidence.

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Get Hard Trailer

James King (Will Ferrell) has been accused of tax evasion. He is sentenced to spend TIme in San Quentin State Prison, and knows for a fact that he will be unable to survive his time in prison. He hits upon the idea of getting help from his black friend Darnell Lewis (Kevin Hart), who he believes has spent time in prison. Lewis has not, but does not want to turn down the money King is offering, so he agrees to make him ready for his time in jail by playing up to  every stereotype King expects of him.

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Ant-Man Trailer

An awful lot has happened in the world - A Second World War super soldier has risen from the dead, a billionaire playboy has revealed himself as a costumed superhero, and the Norse God of thunder himself has come to earth on four occasions. So for Scott Lang (Paul Rudd), a petty criminal entrusted with the secret of his mentor's super-secret substance designed to shrink a person, it should be seen as just another day in the life for a person of planet Earth. Now, with the ability to shrink his down to a minuscule size while increasing his strength, Ant-Man is born.

ConTInue: Ant-Man Trailer

Pharrell Williams And T.I. Talk Song Writing

Pharrell Williams T.I

Almost every musical writer has their own way of working on a project, and now Pharrell Williams and T.I. have revealed their differing writing processes. T.I.’s latest album ‘Paperwork’, was produced by Pharrell, who also worked on the album’s title track, after meeting over the course of T.I.’s album ‘I’m Serious’. T.I. explained this, saying: “I think the first time we met was the ‘I’m Serious’ session, if I ain’t mistaken, or maybe we may have met in passing at some parties here and there before then, but, you know, our first time really have the, I guess, elaborated extended conversation was the ‘I’m Serious’”.

T.I. performs on Jimmy Kimmel Live! at Hollywood
T.I.'s new album, 'Paperwork', was produced by Pharell Williams

While Williams take a more traditional approach to musical writing, i.e. using pen and paper, he was shocked to discover that T.I. had a remarkably different process. "That's when I first saw you, like, how you wrote. 'What's this guy doing? He's just standing there.'" Williams explained. The process in question, is how T.I. choses to do all his musical writing in his head. "Jay [Z] was the only other person that I knew that, that, did that. Cos I always thought that was an anomaly." This came even more of a shock to Williams as the process took place when T.I. was around 19 and he himself was around 30.

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John Slattery Joins 'Ant-Man' Cast Alongside Bobby Cannavale And Rapper T.I.

John Slattery T.I

The Ant-Man cast has added three interesting new members in John Slattery, Bobby Cannavale and the rapper, T.I. The movie begun production in San Francisco this week following a tumultuous few months.

John SlatteryJohn Slattery at the premiere for 'God's Pocket'

The new faces don’t have roles in Marvel’s upcoming superhero comedy franchise builder, but they’re certainly impressive additions. Slattery, in particular, is a coup for the studio – the actor, celebrated for bringing the character of Roger Sterling to life in AMC’s Mad Men, joins the likes of Paul Rudd Michael Douglas and Evangeline Lilly.

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Super Exciting Musical News: More A-Listers Added To The Tonys 2014 Line-Up

Neil Patrick Harris Jennifer Hudson Alan Cumming Idina Menzel Samuel L Jackson Orlando Bloom T.I LL Cool J Jonathan Groff

Tony’s, Tony’s, Tonyyyy’s! Cue life affirming musical montage.It’s almost TIme for the 2014 Tony Awards! Has it been that long since last year’s? Well, yes. This year’s lineup looks mega promising, so here’s a little rundown of what to expect tonght.

Hugh Jackman
A decade after his first time hosting, Hugh Jackman returns to fill some big shoes.

This year’s host is Hugh Jackman and while we’ll miss NPH, that beacon of Tony excellence, as a host (don’t worry, he’s still dropping by to perform with the cast of Hedwig and the Angry Itch), Mr. Jackson’s past appearances at the awards are no less a thing to behold. Example:

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T.I. Vs. Mayweather, And 5 Other Rappers Who Clashed With Athletes

T.I Floyd Mayweather Jr. Lil Wayne Jay Z Mike Tyson LL Cool J Kris Humphries Soulja Boy

T.I. and Floyd Mayweather had a pretty big bust-up at the weekend: a fight broke out after the boxer allegedly made some untoward comments about improper friendship between the boxer and the rapper's wife, Tameka "TIny" Cottle. Punches and chairs were reportedly thrown in the fight between the two celebs who were filmed brawling in a Vegas Fatburger.

In honour of the sheer scandal the incident has generated, we've rounded up a list of five other examples where rappers have battled with sports stars, indicating an almost cat-and-dog-like relationship between the two professionals.

1) 50 Cent Vs. floyd mayweather

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T.I. Laughs Off Rumor Floyd Mayweather Jr. Gave Him Two Black Eyes

T.I Floyd Mayweather Jr.

T.I. has made efforts to shove aside rumors that he sustained two black eyes in a brawl with the boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. at a Vegas Fatburger early Sunday morning. In a new Instagram post, the rapper can clearly be seen without bruised eyes and instead implies that his only injury - a bandaged fist - was a result of giving Mayweather a good wallop.

T.I. Has Laughed Off The Rumor That Floyd Mayweather Jr. Gave Him Two Black Eyes.

The 33 year-old 'Blurred Lines' star obviously wanted to make it clear that he could take on the 37 year-old boxing pro and uploaded a video filled with pomp, swagger and derision towards the reports that he had come off worse for wear at the eatery fisticuffs.

Continue reading: T.I. Laughs Off Rumor Floyd Mayweather Jr. Gave Him Two Black Eyes

Floyd Mayweather JR. Reveals Las Vegas Brawl Started Due To T.I.'s Jealousy


Boxing champion Floyd Mayweather Jr has come forward to finally explain himself over the altercation he had with rapper T.I. on Saturday (May 24th) night in Las Vegas, in which the cocky sportsman also issued an apology.

Although Mayweather is one of the greatest fighters ever in the ring, and holds an undefeated record, he was still shook up about T.I. trying to pick a fight with him, according to TMZ.

Floyd Mayweather
Mayweather explaiend the altercation was over an Instagrma photo uploaded by T.I.'s wife

Continue reading: Floyd Mayweather JR. Reveals Las Vegas Brawl Started Due To T.I.'s Jealousy

Got Beef? Rapper T.I. And Floyd Mayweather Brawl In Las Vegas Fatburger Restaurant

T.I Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Diners looking for a late night Memorial Day snack at a Las Vegas Fatburger restaurant ended up witnessing an unscheduled bout between boxing champ floyd mayweather and rapper T.I. in the early hours of Sunday morning (April 25th).

T.I.Rapper T.I. took on Floyd Mayweather in a Vegas restaurant

TMZ reports that Mayweather was eating in the restaurant when the rapper stormed in and launched a verbal attack on the champ. Things then got physical, with T.I. allegedly taking a swing at Mayweather before bodyguards jumped in. A full on scuffle then began, which appears to have gotten extremely heated, leaving one restaurant employee injured.

Continue reading: Got Beef? Rapper T.I. And Floyd Mayweather Brawl In Las Vegas Fatburger Restaurant



Date of birth

25th September, 1980








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