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Mickey 'Guitar' Baker Dies Aged 87

29th November 2012

Mickey & Sylvia star Mickey 'GUITAR' BAKER has died, aged 87.The guitarist, real name MACHouston Baker, passed away at his home in Toulouse, France on Tuesday (27Nov12). Baker was best known for the 1956...

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Ruehl Rewarded With Perfume For Harrowing Role

19th June 2006

Actress MERCEDES RUEHL was thrilled when the mother of murdered transgender woman GWEN ARAUJO rewarded her with a bottle of perfume for portraying her in a harrowing new TV film. Ruehl was worried Araujo's mum,...

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Paltrow Joins Forces With Brother

10th October 2005

GWYNETH PALTROW is gearing up for another family project, after signing up to be directed by her brother JAKE in upcoming romantic comedy THE GOOD NIGHT. The Oscar-winning actress, who co-starred with her mother...

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Craig Slams Press Reports Of Moss Romance

23rd November 2004

British actor DANIEL CRAIG has slammed the press for unfairly scrutinising his relationship with model KATE MOSS. The SYLVIA actor, 36, was furious about inaccurate reports about their romance, but found journalists' methods...

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Caine To Rescue British Tv Soap?

18th October 2004

Movie legend SIR MICHAEL CAINE is desperate to help flailing British soap opera EASTENDERS - by bringing in Hollywood friends like GWYNETH PALTROW. The ALFIE star is a huge fan of the TV series...

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Depp's New Film Sparks Outcry Among Barrie Family

3rd October 2004

JOHNNY DEPP's latest movie NEVERLAND has infuriated JM BARRIE's family, who are disgusted film bosses opted for a "fictional retelling" of the PETER PAN writer's life rather than a fact-based account. While the characters...

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Moss Reunites With Craig

25th July 2004

Supermodel KATE MOSS is back in the arms of lover DANIEL CRAIG - just weeks after she ditched him. The English beauty - who has a baby daughter LILA with magazine boss JEFFERSON HACK...

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Gwyneth Sees Late Dad In Apple

22nd June 2004

Hollywood actress GWYNETH PALTROW is already noticing many of her late father BRUCE's characteristics in baby daughter APPLE - even though the tot is just five weeks old. The SYLVIA beauty and her rocker...

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Moss's Love Life Gets Even More Complicated

2nd May 2004

Supermodel KATE MOSS has been holidaying with the two men in her life - leaving JEFFERSON HACK in the Caribbean to jet off and meet new love actor DANIEL CRAIG in India. Moss, 30,...

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Moss Steps Out With Old Love

11th April 2004

KATE MOSS has been enjoying the company of her on/off longterm love JEFFERSON HACK - and the pair shocked diners at a trendy London restaurant when the supermodel grabbed her beau between the legs....

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Kate Moss Embarks On New Romance With Actor Craig

4th April 2004

Sexy supermodel KATE MOSS has begun a passionate new romance just weeks after ditching long term love JEFFERSON HACK - with British actor DANIEL CRAIG. The 30-year-old beauty, who shares daughter LILA GRACE with...

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Gwyneth And Chris Settle For Country Retreat

28th March 2004

Celebrity couple GWYNETH PALTROW and CHRIS MARTIN have decided to raise their child in an idyllic country retreat in Britain. The SYLVIA actress, who will give birth in her adopted home of London, and...

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Is Gwyneth Expecting A Boy?

10th March 2004

Movie beauty GWYNETH PALTROW is expecting a baby boy with husband CHRIS MARTIN - if the cake bought to her baby shower is an accurate indication. The SYLVIA actress is notoriously secretive about her...

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Dunst: I Would Have Been A Better Sylvia Plath

5th March 2004

Actress KIRSTEN DUNST regrets not grabbing the rights to make SYLVIA PLATH's biopic for herself, because she feels her portrayal of the poet would have been more convincing than GWYNETH PALTROW's. The SPIDER-MAN star...

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Paltrow Set To Give Birth In London

2nd March 2004

Hollywood star GWYNETH PALTROW has finally decided to give birth in London - despite warnings from celeb pal MADONNA about hospital conditions. The SYLVIA actress who is six months pregnant with COLDPLAY singer CHRIS...

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Sylvia Flops At UK Box Office

11th February 2004

GWYNETH PALTROW's art house film SYLVIA has flopped at the British box office - taking just $472,282 (GBP262,379) after 10 days of release. The Hollywood superstar made the biopic of acclaimed poet SYLVIA PLATH...

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Paltrow: The Press Are Inhumane

6th February 2004

SYLVIA actress GWYNETH PALTROW has attacked the press for relentlessly hounding her, labelling the paparazzi inhumane and "bad". Last month (JAN04) pregnant Paltrow's rocker husband CHRIS MARTIN lashed out at a photographer as they...

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Gwyneth Hints At Retirement

30th January 2004

Pregnant actress GWYNETH PALTROW has given her strongest hint yet she has retired from acting. The OSCAR-winner - who married COLDPLAY rocker CHRIS MARTIN in December (03) - revealed plans to make fewer movies...

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Paltrow Bonded With Mum On Set Of Sylvia

22nd January 2004

GWYNETH PALTROW and her actress mum BLYTHE DANNER agreed to appear together in new movie SYLVIA, so they could help each other cope with the loss of the blonde beauty's dad BRUCE. Danner admits...

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Paltrow: Daniel Craig Is Short

21st January 2004

Hollywood beauty GWYNETH PALTROW had to remove her shoes when filming scenes with her SYLVIA co-star DANIEL CRAIG - because he is much shorter than she is. The OSCAR-winning actress admits movie bosses made...

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Gwyneth: Chris Saved Me From Depression

12th January 2004

Movie star GWYNETH PALTROW feared she was spiraling into a bleak depression before her new husband CHRIS MARTIN "saved" her. The SYLVIA actress was introduced to the kind-hearted COLDPLAY frontman just weeks after her...

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Pregnant Paltrow Promises To Work Less

6th January 2004

Hollywood actress GWYNETH PALTROW has vowed to only work on films that interest her, even if it means giving up her celebrity lifestyle. The London-based star - who won an OSCAR for her performance...

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Gwyneth: I'm Glad I'm The Anti-posh

29th December 2003

OSCAR-winning actress GWYNETH PALTROW has blasted former SPICE GIRL VICTORIA BECKHAM for sending out the "wrong message" with her luxury lifestyle. The SYLVIA actress is pleased she and new hubby CHRIS MARTIN are considered...

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Chris Martin: I Love Being Married To Gwyneth

24th December 2003

Usually reticent COLDPLAY frontman CHRIS MARTIN has spoken of his joy at being married to Hollywood actress GWYNETH PALTROW. THE SCIENTIST singer got married secretly to the SYLVIA actress earlier this month (DEC03), after...

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Gwyneth Thrilled About Pregnancy

22nd December 2003

Tight-lipped actress GWYNETH PALTROW has spoken for the first time about her 'joy' at being pregnant. In a new interview, the SYLVIA beauty refuses to confirm or deny she secretly wed CHRIS MARTIN earlier...

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Gwyneth Pregnant

3rd December 2003

GWYNETH PALTROW is pregnant with her first child by rocker boyfriend CHRIS MARTIN. SYLVIA beauty Gwyneth, 31, is due to give birth to the baby next summer according to the COLDPLAY frontman's publicist....

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Paltrow Only Likes Few Of Her Movies

27th November 2003

Actress GWYNETH PALTROW has only liked two of her movies she has made since winning an OSCAR for SHAKESPEARE IN LOVE in 1998. The actress is proud of THE ROYAL TENENBAUMS and THE TALENTED...

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Gambon The Right Choice For Dumbledore

10th November 2003

MICHAEL GAMBON is a worthy successor to RICHARD HARRIS' PROFESSOR DUMBLEDORE in the HARRY POTTER movie series, according to the late actor's son JARED. Gambon inherited Dumbledore's robes and flowing beard for the third...

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Chris Martin Loves New Paltrow Film

7th November 2003

Rocker CHRIS MARTIN has described fiance GWYNETH PALTROW's new movie SYLVIA as "the best ever" - after she heaped similar praise on his band COLDPLAY. The YELLOW singer made his complimentary comments at last...

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Gwyneth's Rings Leads To Wedding Speculation

7th November 2003

Movie beauty GWYNETH PALTROW has sparked gossip she's secretly wed her rocker lover CHRIS MARTIN - by wearing two rings at the London premiere of her new movie. The 31-year-old actress arrived wearing the...

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