Sylvester Stallone thinks he can no longer pull off dramatic roles, saying it would be "pathetic."

The 64-year-old actor - famous for his roles in action movies 'Rambo' and 'Rocky'- doesn't believe his fans would enjoy watching him get to grips with more serious plot lines.

He said: "I've done my mind movies and I don't think people are really too interested in seeing me do that anymore. I think I'm past my prime for doing dramatic films, it's almost like a pathetic cry out to be recognised as a serious actor.

"I did my little moment, I've very proud of the drama in 'ROCKY BALBOA' and 'Copland' but I would much rather just direct dramas than act in them."

Despite his long career in action movies, the 'Expendables' actor insists he never wanted to be singled out as for his physical prowess.

He explained to BANG Showbiz: "I never set out to be an action actor, I was an ensemble actor. 'Rocky' was an ensemble piece. 'Paradise Alley' was an ensemble movie. Then along came 'First Blood' and that was the beginning of something unusual. Once all the dialogue was cut out it was a completely visual film."