Sylvester Stallone still blames his rivalry with fellow action man Arnold Schwarzenegger for his movie flops, because he only signed on for roles in Rhinestone and Stop or My Mom Will Shoot over fears the Terminator star would grab the parts if he didn't.

The movie veterans have become great friends and they co-star in the Expendables film franchise but Stallone admits there was a time he hated the Austrian bodybuilder-turned-actor.

He says, "We were very competitive; I think hate's a good word... I really respected the guy... but I wanted to strangle him.

"There's a thing when people pray on your insecurities: 'You've gotta do this movie because Arnie's gonna do it', and, 'If you don't do this thing, Stop or My Mom Will Shoot, he's in!' I'd go, 'Ok, I'll do it'.

"It only happened a couple of times - Rhinestone... 'What am I doing?'"