Sylvester Stallone's son, Sage, has officially been ruled to have died of a heart attack, reports The Guardian. The ruling quashes rumours of drug abuse.
As the dust settles on the death of Sage Stallone, the finalisation of the coroner's reports confirms that the 36-year-old died from a heart attack. He had been suffering from a coronary heart disease caused by atherosclerosis. Within the coroner's findings was a toxicology report, which confirmed that there was no drug abuse involved. "There were no signs of an overdose. It was just a natural death," said Fred Corral of the coroner's investigative division. Rumours had previously abounded suggesting the movie star's son had died of excessive drug use. Stallone did have a small amount of Hydrocodone in his body, but Corral suggested it was nothing out of the ordinary.
The body was found after family and friends of Stallone's grew concerned when he didn't call for over a day. A housekeeper went to check and was confronted with the body. Sage had acted opposite his superstar father, most notably as Rocky's son in the fifth incarnation of the boxing franchise. He also starred as a prison inmate in the movie Daylight, where of course, Stallone Senior played the hero. The Expendables 2 star has remained understandably quiet surrounding his son's death, giving only one interview, in which he said; "time hopefully will heal and you try to get through it, but it's just something ... it's a reality of life."