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Stallone Denies Planning More Rambo Movies

30th January 2008

Hollywood hardman SYLVESTER STALLONE vows the latest RAMBO movie will be the last he makes - insisting it's a "miracle" the new fourth installment ever came to fruition. The 61-year-old star returns to his famous...

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Meet The Spartans Crushes Rambo At Us Box Office

28th January 2008

The reincarnated Rambo has been beaten to the number one spot at the US box office by spoof movie Meet the Spartans after its opening weekend.The parody, starring Carmen Electra and former EastEnder Sean Maguire,...

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Rambo, Charging Back Into Theaters, Faces Monster

25th January 2008

This weekend will provide a box-office test of whether the public will turn out to see a 61-year-old former action star in a role that he first made popular as a much younger man. Sylvester...

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Stallone Praises Testosterone For Making Him A Real Man

24th January 2008

Hollywood action star SYLVESTER STALLONE has rubbished rumours he took steroids in preparation for his role as RAMBO - but admits bulking up with the help of human growth hormones. The Rocky star used prescription...

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Stallone: 'I'm A Tiny Fairy'

23rd January 2008

Legendary action hero SYLVESTER STALLONE has dashed his macho image by showing his softer side - telling a TV audience "I'm a tiny fairy." The Rocky star shocked a TV audience by insisting he is...

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Stallone's Girl Loves Dallas Rumours

21st January 2008

SYLVESTER STALLONE's new onscreen sidekick, JULIE BENZ, is thrilled she's rumoured to be playing SUE ELLEN EWING in the much-anticipated DALLAS movie - because she desperately wants the part. The actress, who teams up with...

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Stallone Wants Rambo To Highlight Burma's Troubles

21st January 2008

SYLVESTER STALLONE is hoping his new RAMBO movie sheds light on the troubles raging in war ravaged Burma. The movie was in production in the poverty-stricken south-east Asian country last year (06), when the military...

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The Things They Say 6868

21st January 2008

"I got so used to my death threats, I missed them when they stopped." SYLVESTER STALLONE jokes about the dangers of filming sequel JOHN RAMBO in the Thai/Burmese border.

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Stallone Defends Growth Hormones

19th January 2008

Veteran actor SYLVESTER STALLONE has blasted the public's "archaic" view of human growth hormones, insisting the drug isn't a quick fix to get a muscular physique. Stallone was convicted on charges of importing the muscle-building...

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Schwarzenegger And Stallone Are Best Pals

19th January 2008

Former movie rivals ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER and SYLVESTER STALLONE are now such good pals, they meet every Saturday to smoke cigars and discuss how to run California. After competing at the box office for years, the...

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The Things They Say 6852

18th January 2008

"He'd murder Jason Bourne. I'm only kidding. Maybe the other guy - the one in THE TRANSPORTER, JASON STRATHAM." Actor SYLVESTER STALLONE thinks mercenary hero John Rambo would triumph over modern action stars.

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Stallone Still Doing Stunts At 61

17th January 2008

Hollywood actor SYLVESTER STALLONE still insists on doing all of his own movie stunts - despite his advanced years. The Rocky star, who turns 62 in July (08), refuses to let his age slow him...

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Stallone Refused To Set Rambo In Iraq

17th January 2008

Hollywood actor SYLVESTER STALLONE reconsidered setting his new RAMBO movie in the Middle East out of respect for the U.S. soldiers currently fighting there. The Rocky star thought about using Iraq or Afghanistan for the...

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T-shirt Design Becomes New Rambo Poster

15th January 2008

The image of SYLVESTER STALLONE adorning new billboards for upcoming movie sequel RAMBO was originally intended as a T-shirt design. The eye-catching black and white stencil painting, by artist Jason Lindberg, features Stallone's bandana-wearing, mercenary...

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The Things They Say 6768

14th January 2008

"I thought it would be a walk in the park compared to ROCKY and it was a walk through hell... We were in a place that was very hard to get to. Sometimes we had...

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Stallone Arrested In Japan?

13th January 2008

Action star SYLVESTER STALLONE recently ran into trouble with authorities in Japan, after he was found in possession of growth hormones - according to his ex-fiancee JANICE DICKINSON. The former supermodel alleges Stallone was taken...

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The Things They Say 6745

11th January 2008

"I believe that's going to happen. I have nothing to do with it. I wrote the story for it, but it's being turned over to the pros and it looks like that's going to happen."...

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Stallone Slams Dickinson's Lies

11th January 2008

SYLVESTER STALLONE has hit back at ex-fiancee JANICE DICKINSON's claims he took steroids - calling her a liar. Former supermodel DICkinson recently revealed on a TV show that the action star took the drugs to...

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The Things They Say 6613

21st December 2007

"The last Rambo, it was unrealistic. You know, you don't walk around in a desert, in 130-degree heat, with a tank top on. You'll get blistered on a beach in Miami in six hours! So,...

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Fascinating Fact 4521

17th December 2007

SYLVESTER STALLONE is to launch a new clothing line with trendy Los Angeles designer CHRISTIAN AUDIGIER.

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Parton Pulled Out Of Suicidal Tendencies By Stallone

12th December 2007

DOLLY PARTON credits SYLVESTER STALLONE with saving her from suicide - because he helped cheer her up when she was at her lowest. The country star had just learned she'd never be able to give...

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Stallone's Hellish Rambo Shoot

11th December 2007

SYLVESTER STALLONE feared for his life while shooting the new RAMBO movie in Asia after the crew was caught up in a "horrifying" crossfire between two warring nations. The Hollywood star was filming scenes for...

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Fascinating Fact 4459

7th December 2007

SYLVESTER STALLONE has had his wife JENNIFER FLAVIN's face tattooed on his right shoulder.

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Dickinson: 'Stallone Dressed Up In Uniform For Sex'

4th December 2007

Former supermodel JANICE DICKINSON has hailed SYLVESTER STALLONE a "great lover" - especially when he dressed up in army uniform for sex. DICkinson, 53, dated Stallone at the height of his career in the early...

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The Things They Say 6219

20th November 2007

"It's very nice but when you go in there, someone punches you." SYLVESTER STALLONE on the new Sly Suite at Las Vegas' revamped Planet Hollywood hotel and casino.

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Mortensen To Play Poe For Stallone?

15th November 2007

THE LORD OF THE RINGS star VIGGO MORTENSEN is set to replace ROBERT DOWNEY JR. in SYLVESTER STALLONE's new movie about horror author EDGAR ALLAN POE, according to internet reports. The movie, which Stallone will...

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Stallone Thrilled With Santa Claus Film

13th November 2007

SYLVESTER STALLONE's brother FRANK STALLONE in back in vogue, thanks to his part in America's current Christmas movie FRED CLAUS. The actor/singer plays himself in the Vince Vaughn film and admits he was reluctant to...

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Stallone To Co-star With Dicaprio?

12th November 2007

SYLVESTER STALLONE and LEONARDO DiCAPRIO are to team up for MARTIN SCORSESE's next film, SHUTTER ISLAND, according to internet reports. News website claims Scorsese has offered Stallone a co-starring role in the mystery thriller,...

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Stallone Has A Death Wish

6th November 2007

Rocky star Sylvester Stallone is reportedly in talks to step into Charles Bronson's shoes in a remake of 1974 revenge flick Death Wish.According to Variety, the Rambo actor is in talks to direct and star...

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Stallone To Channel Bronson In Death Wish Remake

5th November 2007

SYLVESTER STALLONE is set to direct and star in a remake of CHARLES BRONSON's 1974 vigilante classic DEATH WISH. Stallone is finalising talks to play a man who vows to clean criminals off the streets...

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