MTV Unplugged was a great idea. Strip down the sound of your favourite band and have them play, usually, quite out of character. Throw in the odd quirky and inventive cover and hear their reminiscences whilst the appreciative audience stoke their, usually, mammoth egos. Possibly even pull in an all together different audience with the slightly left field approach.

A new take on ones own songs is nothing new, people have been squeezing the last dollar out of long forgotten gems for a good while now and there is no reason to see that ever ending. Collaborations, duets, dance mixes, soundtracks, TV shows and ad work can all potentially rejuvenate a faltering catalogue. Revisiting, reworking, reinventing, rejigging, repackaging, re-mastered blah blah. Is it all 'Flogging A Dead Horse' or 'Money For Old Rope?'

In many ways it pains me to say so but with Close-Up, Vol. 1, Love Songs, Suzanne Vega has failed to see a potential merit in a new take on her old work, it's unlikely to capture anyone from a different audience and could be accused of running the well dry. Vega has gone all acoustic on a selection of her best loved tracks. Gone acoustic! She was never electrifying in the first instance, rarely a guitar strummed in anger, a drum beat to awaken the birds or a bass note likely to trouble your neighbours.

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