Susan Sarandon has found a way to make the tedium of the seemingly never-ending award season go by without even noticing: by getting stoned for every one. Well, almost everyone, Sue does like to stay sober for the Oscars at least, as she explained in a recent interview.

Sarandon appeared on Bravo's Watch What Happens Live on Wednesday (11 Dec.) night where she spoke openly about her marijuana use at so many public appearance, as she revealed that even the actors and actresses being honoured find the whole awards show thing a bit dreary. She was casual and frank as she told host Andy Cohen about her penchant for smoking a joint or two before taking her seat or hitting the red carpet, probably because it has become such a regular occurrence for her.

After briefly discussing pot use, Cohen asked the 67-year-old to name one major Hollywood event she has shown up to stoned, Sarandon replied "Only one?" as the two shared a hearty laugh. She then told the host, "I would say almost all except the Oscars."

In a 43-year career, that equals a lot of public baking, and with eight Golden Globes, four Emmy nominations and five Oscar nods in that time, she's been well and truly in the spotlight a number of times throughout those 40+ years. If what she says is true, then that pretty impressive, keeping that level of dedication for so long on such a stage.

With awards season fast approaching again, keep an eye out for any blood shot eyes when the stars go walking down the red carpet. Susan might not be alone!

Susan Sarandon
Susan was getting high before it was cool, man