We all saw it, you all saw it, we certainly got some visitors to the site via some interesting search terms; Susan Boyle’s press agency committed a horrendous gaffe this week by opting to hashtag the launch event for the Scottish reality star’s new album #susanalbumparty.

Whilst you’re all trying to either a) work out what’s quite so wrong about that (trust there, really is something so so wrong) or b) trying to get rid of a hideous image that might have cropped up in your mind let’s take a ponder as to whether this is going to make much an impact on the sales of Boyle’s new album Standing Ovation: The Greatest Songs from The Stage. In reality, we’re not sure that it is. It was a great man who once said ‘there’s no such thing as bad publicity’ and there’s no denying that the hashtag has given Boyle plenty of publicity on Twitter, with everyone making wise cracks about the unfortunate tag. It’s hard to imagine that anyone who was going to buy Boyle’s album will suddenly not because of it – come to think of it, we’re still utterly baffled about who it is that does by her records – and we’re not particularly sure that those laughing at her PR company were planning on getting themselves a copy of it either way.

Boyle’s fame seems unstoppable, and you can hardly blame the singer for the mistake that her PR made. So our prediction? She’ll be selling albums like hot cakes again. Hopefully any subsequent party she’ll have will be a little more respectful that her PRs seem to be planning.