As marketing goes, pitching Susan Boyle's album launch as Su's anal bum party represents a stark disparity from reality. Still, coming up with the twitter tag #susanalbumparty, in an unfortunate sequence of words was always likely to attract some stick. 

A sweet woman by all accounts, Susan Boyle doesn't seem the kind of person to invite people to a fetishist orgy, but the people in charge of marketing the release of her new album didn't really think it through when they combined the words Susan, album and party to inadvertently invite people to an anal bum party, hosted by Su. Still, all the attention, aside from summoning a tirade of twitter mockery, has planted the release of Standing Ovation: The Greatest Songs From The Stage. Some of the best tweets in response to the faux pa are right here... Lisa Snowdon wrote: "I don't think Susan Boyle's record company thought this hash tag thru properly..." while Nicole Richie simply tweeted: "LMFAO OH MY GOD." Comedy actor David Schneider observed: "Susan Boyle might want a word with her social media team - #susanalbumparty doesn't read well as a hashtag." 

So what do you think? Is this an ingenious plot of PR? Or has some marketing intern found his or her unpaid slog at an untimely end, such was the apparent negligence when adopting social media in an unfortunate amalgamation of words.