As she announced a long awaited tour of her homeland, Scotland, Susan Boyle was also eyeing up a possible lucrative residency in Las Vegas – if you believe a source supposedly close to the Britain’s Got Talent alumni and multi-million selling singer.

Boyle is going to be playing five dates in Scotland through July, but has her sights set on much grander ventures according to an insider who spoke to the Daily Mirror. The insider must be pretty close to SuBo, because they even seem to know what she wants on her rider – and it’s nowhere near as grand as other stars with even the slightest bit of her popularity. “Susan loves Barry Tea, which is an Irish tea that’s also really popular in Scotland. She doesn’t like American tea, so she brings her own supply of tea bags.”

So what of this Las Vegas ruse then? Boyle has performed there before, joining her idol Donny Osmond on stage for a song at the Flamingo Hotel in October last year. Apparently, though she’d love a residency there, following in the footsteps of Celine Dion, Elton John and, y’know, all the greats. “Las Vegas is one of the ultimate spots for a performer to play and a residency is a huge deal, but then Susan is a big star who’s sold more than 19 million albums” the insider said. Indeed she has, insider, indeed she has.

Susan Boyle
Susan Boyle wants to take Vegas!