OK, so who got fired from Susan Boyle’s promo team today (November 21, 2012)? Surely someone’s head’s on the line, after a botched attempt to promote the Scottish warbler’s album party? Or perhaps they have been promoted!? Whoever’s in charge of Boyle’s Twitter feed is either incredibly clever, or lacks attention to detail in their work. Either way, the hashtag #susanalbumparty has gone viral. Not necessarily because tons of Twitter users got excited about the arrival of Boyle’s new album, but because the hashtag has been interpreted as “Su’s anal bum party.” Nice image.

The commentary has been non-stop since people started noticing the gaffe and some of the tweets on the matter have been downright hilarious. Neil Thomason (@xneilbombx) joked “stoked for the ‪#susanalbumparty it's gonna be pretty wild. I wish she'd do a webcam for it too,” the very thought of which makes us shudder, whilst some users were in such disbelief that they started to wonder whether or not the whole thing was an elaborate Twitter myth. “No! Surely Susan Boyle isn't using the hashtag ‪#susanalbumparty to launch her new album? Has to be a prank? Surely...no?” said Rab Boyle, aka @RFC_Rab.

Whether or not it’s a myth, Boyle’s marketing team should clearly be rubbing their hands with glee right now because there are very few people on Twitter right now that aren’t aware of the fact that Susan has a new album out. And now you know, too – such is the power of the internet. Standing Ovation: The Greatest Songs From The Stage is available to buy now.