Susan Boyle is barely sleeping and lives in constant fear of an attack in her home after an intruder broke into her property last month (Jan10), according to her brother.
The singer discovered a man in her house in West Lothian, Scotland when she returned from a trip to London on 26 January (10) and immediately called police.
It came just weeks after she spotted two strangers creeping around her garden over Christmas (09), despite her mentor Simon Cowell increasing protection for her.
And the two security scares have had a profound effect on Boyle.
Her brother Gerry tells Britain's The People newspaper, "She's absolutely exhausted after non-stop travelling promoting her album around the world. Getting back to her little council home used to be her release but now its more like a prison cell.
"After she was confronted by an intruder last month she can't sleep even though she has security posted outside her home 24/7. Susan's become a curtain twitcher - she spends hours in the night staring out from behind her curtains.
"When she can't sleep she rings me or plays things over and over in her head until they almost crush her. I try and lift her out of this negative mind-set but it is so hard."