'America's Got Talent' and its European counterparts have a habit of unearthing unlikely talent, particularly singers with deceptive outer appearances. Scottish sensation Susan Boyle is perhaps the finest example of this, having gone on to sell millions of records since her second place finish on the British version of the show, reports E! Online.

However, it looks as though 'America's Got Talent' has found the latest unlikely gem in 19-year-old Andrew De Leon. The gothically styled contestant - who bore a close resemblance to Marilyn Manson - stunned the live studio audience with a beautifully sung operatic number, visibly shaking in the process. Afterwards, De Leon admitted that he taught himself to sing and had never performed to anybody else, not even his parents, saying, "I'm just so used to being rejected; I'm not good at anything, so this is amazing". Lucky for him, Howard Stern, Sharon Osbourne and Howie Mandel disagreed, and after sitting with their mouths firmly open throughout the performance, promptly put him through to the next round.

Unfortunately, the originality ended there, and a wave of underwhelming break dancers, questionable musicians and a bizarre circus act were all rejected.