Review of Moods Album by Superthriller

Review of Superthriller's album Moods.

Superthriller Moods Album

'Mood's' is the fourth album by Superthriller and two years in the waiting has a more laid back vibe. Having been spotted by Beck in 2003 and asked to support him on tour Superthriller brothers Ben and Max Ringham and Andrew Roland must have been buzzing.

Listening to 'Moods' it's obvious why Beck like them. The funk, quirky cross over pop, electro boogie fusion does make this group a cool bunch of experimenters. There's definitely coolness in the production and the simplicity makes it engrossing in a sophisticated way. 'Moods' does have a mood that is pretty hip for sure. The quirky uncompromising elements can make it a bit odd too like 'Chomsky And Normski' and 'Night Mood' but I guess this shows Superthriller are doing what they want.

Mostly 'Moods' has a laid back, funky vibe that fits nice in the subconscious mind and oozes a coolness that shows a good measure of production skills. It's easy to miss but the more you listen to 'Moods' it's clear these guys know what they're doing. Not a bad effort in the realms of lounge music.

Tareck Ghoneim

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