Review of End Of The Road Single by Sunny Day Sets Fire

Sunny Day Sets Fire
End Of The Road
Single Review

Sunny Day Sets Fire End Of The Road Single

How London-based five-piece Sunny Day Sets Fire ended up in England, let alone forming a band together is one for the archives. Indeed if they were to get famous sometime soon, you can bet Eamon Andrews would have a field day filling his big red book with anecdotes about this little lot. Representing five nations across three continents in total, it's little wonder that their sound is fairly eclectic and unconventional, yet warmly familiar in places too.

'End Of The Road' starts off like Starsailor bizarrely enough, reaches 'Life's New Pageant'-era REM by the chorus and then tails off into a sub-Guillemots explosion of sound and harmonised triumph by the end. As Meat Loaf once commented, two out of three isn't bad and on this occasion it's actually a thumbs up all round.

More ambitious and slightly more endearing is the flipside 'Lack Of View', which takes a more voyeuristic journey along post-rock's meandering valleys where quiet and loud interact and speed is merely a three-second rev of the engine, nothing more nothing less. Band Of Horses or a more mature and knowledgeable Black Kids are worthwhile reference points, if any were needed of course as Sunny Day Sets Fire should do just fine on their own.


Dom Gourlay

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