Review of Brainless Single by Sunny Day Sets Fire

Sunny Day Sets Fire
Brikabrak Records

Sunny Day Sets Fire Brainless Single

Sunny day sets fire release debut single Brainless on 27th February. The trio who consists of Mauro, Max and Max Z definitely have a distinctive sound. This is almost electro pop but not quite as it breaks thorugh nicely in to an indie sound, there are no amazing guitar riffs or easy to remember choruses. This has a brass sound throughout that sounds like Sandie Shaw's 60s classic Puppet on a String which makes for interesting listening. This doesn't really sound like any other band about just now and this is never a bad thing as there could be a gap in the scene just now for them. This is without a doubt a weird sound, but boy does it work, and boy does it sound good. Not overpowering or life changing but definitely worth a listen!

Joanne Nugent

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