Suge Knight collapsed in court after his bail was set for $25 million.

The Death Row Records co-founder was previously on remand without bail after he was accused of murdering businessman Terry Carter in January and injuring Cle 'Bone' Sloan by running them over with his car following an altercation.

During an appearance at his bail hearing at the Criminal Courts Building in Los Angeles this morning (20.03.15), the 49-year-old rapper was told his bail was set for $25 million before he collapsed and was taken to a hospital for monitoring.

The judge decided that the rapper could be a danger if he was bailed, given his criminal record, gossip website TMZ reports.

Meanwhile, it was previously revealed that Suge's legal team was seeking bail for the rapper as they felt it was difficult for a man who is a 6'3'', 315lb African American to hide, also referencing his status as a well known public figure.

The music mogul insisted he would accept home detention with an electronic monitoring bracelet but the authorities expressed concerns that he ''instills fear'' wherever he goes and are worried about the chances of him intimidating any witnesses.

Since being held in custody, Suge has suffered a number of health problems - most recently, he claimed he only had 15% vision in one eye and was completed blind in the other.

If convicted of murder, Suge could face life in state penitentiary.