Review of Self-titled Album by SugaRush Beat Company

Review of SugaRush Beat Company's self-titled album.

SugaRush Beat Company Self-titled Album

SugaRush Beat Company release their eagerly anticipated album on RCA. Indeed the industry have been waiting for this collaboration consisting of Jaz Rogers, Rahsaan Paterson and Ida Carr. All three have come together to create a collective that is attempting to push funk, soul, psychedelic and dance fused music. They have a great fan base including Lauryn Hill and have been compared to Outkast.

Jaz is the mastermind behind the whole thing who is fast becoming one of the most sought after producers in the UK. LA based Patterson has made a name for himself as a great soul singer and Danish Ida is another hugely talented singer. So as a collective it should certainly be a good force. Listening to the album you can hear a lot going on. It's certainly interesting and having heard it quite a few times now I haven't got bored of it. It's definitely fresh and innovative. Because Rogers has decided to be experimental rather than conventional it is uniquely different. The singing is first class and the album well produced.

I guess it's hard to put a category on it but ultimately it is soul music. The psychedelic twists, pop shades and dance turns makes it engrossing and fresh in that kind of Outkast way. If you put an American, Australian and Danish crew together it's gonna be a bit freaky but it shouldn't deter the fact that there's quality here. 'SugaRush Beat Company' is an interesting listen that provokes the imagination and does show signs of ingenuity and in some ways insanity intriguing and creative.

Tareck Ghoneim

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